Actin-Related Protein 2 (Arp2)

Actin-Related Protein 2 (Arp2) [Homo Sapiens]


Family:   Arp 2 belongs to actin family and Arp 2 subfamily, which consists of 21 proteins form different species.  It is a subunit of ARP2/3 complex, along with Arp 3 and other 5 subunits, i.e. p40 (ARPC1), p35 (ARPC2), p19 (ARPC3), p18 (ARPC4), and p14 (ARPC5). It is found conserved within diverse eukaryotes. (1)

 Function:  Arp2 is associated with the polymerisation of the actin filaments, by acting as ATP binding components.  .  Arp 3 and Arp 2 are brought together after the activation and therefore to form an actin-like nucleus for actin monomers binding and actin filaments elongation.  Phosphorylation and reoreintation of Arp2 subunit is considered crucial for activation for Arp2/3 complex, as well as the binding of nucleation-promoting factor. (2) The phosphorylation of Arp 2 is also involved with host immunity against infectious agents by sealing the tunnels created by infectious toxins, such as anthrax edema toxin. (3)   It is found conserved within different species.  It mediates the formation of actin network together with nucleation-promoting factor.

It has 2 isoforms which are:

(a) Actin-related protein 2 isoform a [Homo sapiens]

(b) Actin-related protein 2 isoform b [Homo sapiens]


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