Arp2/3 Subunit 5 (ARPC5)

Actin-Related Protein 2/3 Complex Subunit 5 (ARPC5) [Homo Sapiens]

Family: ARPC5 belongs to the ARPC5 family, which consists of 14 proteins from different species. It is a subunit of the ARP2/3 complex, along with 6 other subunits.

Function: It facilitates the polymerization of actin filaments with 6 other subunits.

ARPC5 has 2 isoforms which are:

(a) Arp2/3 subunit 5 isoform 1:

(b) Arp2/3 subunit 5 isoform 2:

The isoforms are generated as the result of alternative splicing. Isoform 1 is also referred to as a canonical sequence. No experimental evidence is currently available for isoform 2.


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